Kars Alfrink at Simsimheon in 2014

Kars Alfrink at Simsimheon in 2014

Leapfrog.nl is Kars Alfrink’s longtime home on the web.

Kars Alfrink is a designer, researcher, and educator working at the intersection of emerging technologies, social progress, and the built environment.

Currently, Kars is a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on contestable artificial intelligence.

Before coming to Delft, Kars was active as a design consultant, design entrepreneur, and design community organizer for 15+ years.

Some highlights include co-founding and coordinating Tech Solidarity NL, a grassroots community of Dutch tech workers who seek to advance the design and development of more just and egalitarian technology; founding and co-directing Hubbub, a boutique playful design agency; and initiating and co-curating the Dutch offshoot of This Happened, a series of events about the stories behind interaction design.

Kars has worked as an educator and researcher at the Utrecht School of the Arts and as an interaction designer at several web agencies before that.

Kars holds an MA in interaction design from the Utrecht School of the Arts (2002), and a PhD from Delft University of Technology (2024). He lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

This domain is also home to Leapfroglog, Kars’s irregularly updated old-school weblog.

Kars can be found online at the usual places, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Bluesky, and Mastodon. Send email to ‘kars’ care of this domain.

Last updated: June, 2024.